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Women's Ministries
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Women's Ministries

*2009 Calendar of  Events " Building Relationships"

Jan. 31           Women's Ministries Kickoff  "The Call to Become A Virtuous Woman"
March 14       Women's Ministries Intecessor Prayer / Personal Contact Min.
April 26          Fun, Food,  Fellowship     
June 6           Women's Emphasis Day " Women In the Upper Room"  Acts Chapters 1 & 2
Aug. 16         SUMMER SPA DAY!/Morning Breakfast Bunch!
Sept  12        Abuse Emphasis Sabbath "Haven of Hope"
Sept. 24-27   NAD Women’s Convention in Dallas,TX                
Oct                Little Women God Girls Outting
Nov. 20         Esther Woman of Honor *& Eternal Life Woman of Honor
Dec.              Re-coop Time!

*2010 Calendar ( see Calendar for details of events)

2010 A Year of Spiritual Growth and Maturity!

Jan 3              Intercessory Prayer for 2010, Lunch & Setting of the Calendar
Feb 5-6           Intercessory Prayer & Fasting  Fri- after service Sabbath with Prayer   
Feb27-28        Intercessory Prayer/ Sat. Fasting &  Sun. @ 12:00pm Lunch & Fellowship
March 20        Emphasis Day" Living a Life of Excellence"
" Following Ruth Examples"
May 23           Intercessory Prayer & Fasting @ 12:00pm
Juy 25            Intercessory Prayer & Fasting 3:00pm
Aug 28           Abuse of Power Morning Worship 11:00am & Luncheon Seminar 12:30pm
Oct 17            Women's Fellowship & Open Forum Discussion
Dec 4             Nourishing Women in Love " SHOWERS OF LOVE"
Dec 28           God's Girls Fellowship!

*Updates and changes will be entered regularly.