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Sabbath Workplace Release Request-1
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Sabbath Workplace Release Request-1
Employee Name: ______________________
Church Name: Eternal Life Seventh Day Adventist Church.
Dear Sir or Madam,
Introduction: I am the Pastor of Eternal Life Seventh Day Adventist Church of which the above named employee is in attendance as often as their schedule permits. They have displayed an interest in and a commitment to the church, but their work schedule is in conflict with their desire to participate in the worship experience at the above community church of their choice.
Involvement: Most people attend church on Sunday when most businesses are closed, and thus such individuals are able to practice their faith without restraint. However, the above named employee is desirous of “Practicing their Faith” of “Keeping the Sabbath” which involves participating in weekly worship services on the Sabbath (Friday evening and Saturday) at the above named church fellowship.
Inspiration: As you may be well aware, observance of the Sabbath is a foundational tenet of the Holy Bible, mandated in #4 of the 10 commandments. This necessitates that believers refrain from normal work or business related activities during that 24 hour time frame, so that they may freely engage in worship of the creator. According to scripture, the Sabbath day falls on the seventh day of the Biblical week, beginning at sunset on the 6th day (Friday) and extending to sunset on the 7th day (Saturday). An alternative time frame is not provided as a negotiable substitute in observing the commandment.
Indispensable: Therefore, even though various worship services are held on different days of the week, as with any church, one particular weekly service is of the highest priority for member participation in the organization. If this service is consistently missed, an individual cannot consistently benefit from or effectively contribute to the overall success of the organization. That special convocation or main worship service is held during the morning hours of “the Sabbath” and by their own conviction of conscience your employee would like to be an actively involved member.
Industrious: While your employee’s religious convictions would prevent them from working during Sabbath hours, they are committed to completing all of their required duties during non-Sabbath hours – on the remaining 6 days of the week. 
Investment: We know that you care about your employee, and it would be greatly appreciated if you would accommodate their need for participating in the most intimate of all beliefs, Worship, and schedule them in such a way so that they can complete all of their occupational responsibilities within the 6 non-Sabbath days (Sunday-Friday). In so doing, you will allow for ongoing spiritual enhancement of a good employee, making them an even better one.
Information: If you have any questions, concerns or need for additional information, please contact me at your convenience.
Pastor: Paul H. Musson.
Church: Eternal Life SDA Church
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