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Acceptance of Christ through Baptism & Profession of Faith
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Acceptance of Christ through Baptism & Profession of Faith
Acceptance of Christ through Baptism & Profession of Faith
1-Godhead 2-Saviour/Jesus 3-Word & Worship (Sabbath) 4-2nd Coming 5-Holy Spirit & Gifts (Health) 6-The Church 7-Baptism
1.      GOD is a GODHEAD (TRINITY)
a.      I believe God, the Creator, is eternal, existing as 3 immortal persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), who all together are 1 Supreme Spirit Being.
2.      The BIBLE and TRUTH
a.      I believe the Bible is God’s Word which he inspired holy men to write as the best way for me to understand how to have faith in God and to be a Christian.
b.      I believe that studying my Bible will help me to understand God’s will like his 10 Commandment Law, which tells me how to love him and my fellow man.
c.      I believe that if I let God’s Holy Spirit live in me, I can obey these commandments, including the keeping holy of the Lord’s (Sabbath) Day, on the seventh day of the week, as a celebration of God’s creation of the world.
a.      I believe Jesus died on Calvary’s cross to save me from sin’s death penalty.
b.      I believe that I am saved, as long as I have faith in Jesus as my personal Savior from sin, and as Lord - the ruler of my new life. Jesus is my High Priest in Heaven’s Sanctuary, who asks his Father to accept me as his child for eternity because I accept his shed blood as an atoning sacrifice for my sins. As God forgives me through Christ, his love for me, motivates me to turn away from the world’s evils, to stop practicing sin, and to live an obedient, holy life, like Jesus did.
4.      The HOLY SPIRIT and SPIRITUAL GIFTS (including The Health Message)
a.      I believe my body is the temple of God, the Holy Spirit.
b.      I believe God can help me to take care of my body and that he expects me to do my part in avoiding unhealthful living such as using or selling unclean foods, beverages or substances (like alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs).
c.      I believe the Holy Spirit gives many special gifts to God's people and to God’s church including the gift of prophecy which enables God’s people to understand the truth in these times - Earth's Last Days.
a.      I believe Jesus will return to the Earth very soon, to take his people to Heaven.
b.      I believe we should tell others about this world-wide, visible event, and encourage them to accept him as their Savior so they can be ready when he comes back.
a.      I believe that God is calling his people out of the confusion of the many conflicting voices in Christianity today into the marvelous light of his Last Days' Remnant Church.
b.      I believe that the Seventh-day Adventist Christian teachings match the criteria of God’s true remnant church of Bible Prophecy (the Body of Christ) in these last days, and that every living person in the world is invited to join in its fellowship of all the God's truth. It teaches all the truths of the Bible – based on faith in Jesus, which will enables me to keep God’s commandments and worship him in Spirit and Truth.
c.      I believe God’s church should be organized with logical rules and standards of behavior & holiness, which guide people in governing their individual adn collective lives and clarifies the work of the church.
d.      I believe that God’s church needs human resources to be successful and that as members we should support it with our tithes (10% of my increase), by our free will offerings and by our personal talents and influence.
a.      I believe that the Lord has shown me that this is the body of truth and believers that he wants me to affiliate with. I am so excited about what I’ve learned in this church and fulfilled with the love that I've experienced as confirmation of what God has revealed to me. I’ve decided to join this local congregation of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist Christian fellowship – a part of the Body of Christ.
b.      I believe in baptism by immersion in water as a public statement of my repentance from having lived an unsaved life and as my Profession of Faith in Christ Jesus, The Son of God, and Savior of the World!
Paraphrased & Arranged for teaching - by Paul H. Musson - Pastor, Eternal life SDA Church - 1/11/07