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Dear Believer - Last Chance? (1/12/07)
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Dear Believer - Last Chance? (1/12/07)
Dear Believer, 

In the fullness of time, God has called us forth ...a new type of ministry in the City of Flint! It's name ... Eternal Life SDA Church!  Out of the abyss of time past, this body of believer's has sprung onto the stage of time. From many walks of life, we have come together as one. What is our purpose? What do we hope to accomplish? How shall we do it?

The world is in the midst of the perilous times spoken of by many a bible writer. Men's hearts are failing them for fear, as told by Jesus. We are at the entrance into eternal bliss or blackness. We are on the brink of eternity - the edge of eternal day for the saved and eternal night for the lost. 

Eternal Life Ministries SDA Church has come to sound the alarm. We have come to cry out in the voice of the Last Trumpet of warning! A terrible thing is about to happen to those who have chosen to ignore the call of the Spirit of God.

The call is clear ... "Repent! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and the kingdoms of mena re about to beccome the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ!" The call is to seek the truth - for nothing else can make you free. The cal is to abandon the helplessness that comes with traditional religion, and to seek the Truth and nothing but the Truth - so help you God!

Reader! Make your calling an election SURE! Don't be so confident and comfortable that you've got it made! If you're Heaven bound, it's not a cruise ship to glory. It's no vacation. God's ship of Zion, the Church, must sail through stormy waters - but it will get there. The shores of the Promised Land are sure for those who hold on to the promised one's hand. Who are they! Who are the one's who are holding on? This is what they look like!

They are:

1...seeking the face of the one whose image they reflect with Heavenly zeal.
2...preparing for the trip, by reading the map ... The Word.
3...loosening their grip on this world, so that they may leave for their destination.
4...crying for the abominations in the world and in the so called churches of apostasy.
5...actively involved in ministry, intensely seeking to help others escape the coming conflagration.
6...diligent occupants of this world, until God calls them to glory.
7...actively engaged in the act of listening for the call of the King!

If you don't look like this, then you must beware. You are in the gravest danger! 

Behold the Bridegroom is coming! Please prepare for that great day. 
Be ready to forth to meet him. Nothing of this world will be worth missing being at the marriage supper of the great King of Love! ... I promise you!

Come to "Eternal Life!" 
Come see the Church and the people that Christ is preparing for glory!

Pastor Paul H. Musson